Attitude towards Umpire in Baseball

Everybody wants to win. Many times people complain that the umpire lost the game for them. This is simply not true. Yes, some umpires are not as good as others. Yes, I know it is frustrating when the umpire will not give your pitcher that call. I know it is frustrating when an umpire misses a call. This is all understandable.

What I do not understand is the people who yell at umpires ALL THE TIME. I think all umpires deserve respect and patience EVEN AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. I know that umpires doing the games at the professional level should be the best of the best. But do they miss calls? Yes. Is it acceptable for a PROFESSIONAL athlete to stand in the field screaming at an umpire? NO. Is it acceptable for a high school coach or travel ball coach to yell at the umpire? NO. Why? Because professional athletes and coaches are role models and leaders.

As a player, I have no respect for a coach or another player who yells and screams at umpires. Why not focus on your job and what you can do to make the team successful? for example using the new USSSA bats of 2023 You can control your performance and your attitude. If you disagree with a call or are confused about a call, simply call timeout and have a discussion with an umpire. I know from experience this will get you and your team a lot farther than screaming.

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