2018 Rockford Thunder Group and Team Fundraiser

The Overview
You buy the tickets from the Thunder at an extremely discounted rate of $3 for GA tickets or $5 for bleacher tickets and then you sell them to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. for a slightly higher price. The best part: THE DIFFERENCE GOES BACK TO YOU!!!

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate in the Inaugural Season fundraiser. This is a great opportunity for softball, baseball, Girl Scout troops, youth groups, etc. to sell tickets to an exciting event.

What does it cost to participate?
That depends on how many vouchers you take with you!! You can take as few as 10 vouchers to start with or as many as 500. The cost doesn’t change no matter how many you vouchers you choose to take. You have the option to pay for all the vouchers up front (i.e. – 10 vouchers x $3.00 (GA) = $30.00) or you can take them on a consignment basis. If the consignment option is chosen, you will typically be allowed to take the vouchers for 30 days with payment being submitted at that time.

What if I don’t sell all of the vouchers?
If you don’t sell them all that’s ok too. This is what the consignment form is used for. When your contract time expires, you bring whatever vouchers you don’t sell into the office and you pay just for what you sell.

What games are the vouchers good for?
The vouchers are good for EACH game of the 2008 season, except for Opening Day!!!

Can fans that purchase the vouchers upgrade for bleacher tickets?
Fans can always bring the voucher they bought as part of the fundraiser to the ticket office at Sportscore One on game day and upgrade to a bleacher seat. Upgrades are valid for GA tickets only. The cost of the upgrade will be an extra $2.

Is there a prize to the top seller?
We are currently working with several places around Rockford and the surrounding areas that will offer some sort of prize to the top seller. Please stay tuned to this page of the website for additional information.

How and When do I begin?
You can start TODAY by CLICKING ON THE LINK AND DOWNLOADING THE CONSIGNMENT FORM. Moore. Once the form is received the Thunder will prepare the vouchers and will have them ready for you when you pick them up.